Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rain Storms

Sometimes life feels like a rain storm. 
 The rain pours, and pours, and pours until everything is completely drenched, through and through. 

Everything is cold and wet and grey.

Then the rain. suddenly. stops. 

The sun breaks through the clouds.

Everything is warmed, and everything catches its breath.

And all around is an abundance of life-giving water, 
that would not have been there,
had there never been


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grateful Hearts.

Our God has shown us such kindness and goodness.
We are so grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Season of Reflection

Today ended the time of fasting for our family. We gave up a combination of things. We began with sweets, gluten, and processed foods, and ended with giving up all cooked foods. It was one of the more difficult fasting periods that I've ever experienced. I was hungry. Oh, so hungry.
But I learned so much.

I learned that what I may see as impossible, God sees as an opportunity to refine my faith. I learned that I don't really need what I think I need to survive. I learned that I take so many things for granted. I learned that only God will sustain me, and that if He asks me to do something, my response is born out of my trust in Him. I learned that I have put so many things (emotional, spiritual, physical) on my plate, and with such a full plate, I have become emotionally, spiritually, and physically fat. I'm tired of being fat.

I feel as if God has completely cleared that plate, a sort of leveling, or rebooting, if you will. He is teaching me the practice of seeking Him, and allowing Him to lead me.
Trust. Obedience. Intentionality.

A season focused on denying oneself, yet indulging in the message of
grace, redemption, healing and love.
That's the message of the cross.
That's why He came.
That's why He died.
So today, we feast.

And tomorrow, we do not forget how He has carried us through,
and we become even more intentional about how we live.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Wall Comes Down

As you all well know, in July of 2010, our family was here....

and here.

We wanted to take home a few of these precious ones...
but we made a decision...
to take home two precious ones...legitimately!
We had been asked by the orphanage to not blog or facebook
about our new adventure....until now.
Their names or the country cannot be named...
but they are wonderful...
and they'll soon be ours.
And we'll have our very own to hold...soon and very soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A different little Christmas

I started this blog post on December 17.
My, what a crazy December.

We knew that this Christmas was going to be different. Even as Scott was putting together the tree (compliments of our wonderful friends!),
I knew that it was symbolic of our season to come.
It's as if we are in a place in life where we know the beginning,
and we know the end,
but we're trying to figure out all of the middle parts.
Yet there lies a "gift" for us...a small package, if you will...full of blessing for our family
and those who are journeying on this road alongside of us.

We are confident in God's faithfulness.
We know that He is in control of timing.
We know that He is a good God...all of the time.
This we know.

And...since I didn't get to say it...
"Merry Christmas to you all!"

Thoughtfully...and with much love.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For these hands...

These hands held me.
These hands loved me.
These hands cheered at every home volleyball game.
These hands prepared my food.
These hands.
These hands taught and worked so that I had
a home,
and food,
and clothes.
These hands.
These hands hold my hands.
These hands hold me.
These hands protect me.
These hand work so that I can stay home
and have food to feed our family,
a home to shelter them,
and clothes to cover them.
These hands are praying hands.
These hands.
These hands help me.
These hands comfort me.
These hands play beautiful music.
These hands.
These hands snuggle me.
These hands explore.
These hands gather.
These hands create wonderful artwork.
These hands.
For these hands, I am thankful.

And these hands?
These hands are so grateful
to have touched
and held
and experienced
so much of God's goodness.
These hands.
Photos taken in Los Lunas, NM Thanksgiving 2010